19–25 June 2016.

1 Samuel 17 (Click to read).

Over and over in this world we see how the strong survive and succeed, and how they do this at the expense of the weak. Strong nations attack weaker nations; strong armies fly into other countries and randomly bomb and kill families and children; big companies use their power to destroy small businesses; and the lions of this world attack and kill its sheep. The strong kill and destroy, and then act like it’s nothing. The strong don’t care about justice; the strong don’t even fear the law. They think, “Who will dare stand up to us?”

The triumph of the strong over the weak seems just like an unstoppable part of nature. But in today’s Bible text we see that there is someone who will stop it.

Today we read the famous story of David’s fight against Goliath. The battle takes place in land Israel claimed as its own. Goliath is a mighty warrior, professionally trained, armed with multiple powerful weapons – he is a giant frightening symbol of military power and death. Standing up to him is a small boy throwing stones. How is a child going to survive against a professional army? Surely a boy with nothing but stones in his hand is going to be killed straightaway.

But then the unimaginable happens! The mighty warrior is defeated, and the powerful army runs away in fear and shame. God turns the laws of nature upside down and says to the powerful that in Him they have run up against their limit. They thought they were untouchable, they thought they were beyond anyone’s power to stop or control – but God will stop them, and God will defend the weak from such bullies.

Sadly today we are still surrounded by bullies. They overwhelm us, enjoy making us live in fear and worry, and they use their power and position to push us around, to criticize and attack us. When that happens we feel so helpless; we feel so alone. But we are never alone! In Luke 1:52 Mary shouts out that God “has brought down rulers from their thrones, but has lifted up the humble!” So never forget that God stands on your side. He is the God of the weak, and he will never let evil win in the end.

Pastor Stephen Lakkis