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Mark 14:53–72. Can people tell we are Christians?

by slpcenglish

28 January – 3 February 2018. Mark 14:53–72 (click to read). In Mark 14 we find a story of two trials. Inside the home of the High Priest, Jesus is on trial before the chief priests, elders and scribes. We watch sadly as the council plots and lies together, beating Jesus, abusing him, and condemning […]

Mark 11:1–19. It’s time to let go of the past

by slpcenglish

21–27 January 2018. Mark 11:1–19 (click to read). In Jesus’s day, many Jews looked forward to a messiah who would come to free Israel from the Roman Empire. They dreamt of a kingly messiah who would ride into Jerusalem as a new ruler, someone who would defeat the Roman enemy and chase the foreign soldiers […]

Mark 7:24–37. God shows no favouritism

by slpcenglish

14–20 January 2018. Mark 7:24–37 (click to read). We often divide people up into those who are our friends and those who aren’t; we then treat both groups very differently. When our friends need something we are happy to help. But when others want something from us we turn away, pretend not to hear, or […]

Mark 4:1–20. Today is a new chance to grow

by slpcenglish

7–13 January 2018. Mark 4:1–20 (click to read). In Mark 4 we find one of Jesus’s great parables. In this story, a farmer takes handfuls of seeds and scatters them all around him. But the seeds fall onto four different types of ground, with each producing very different results. Some seeds fall on a hard […]