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2 Samuel 12–13. Closing the door on sin

by slpcenglish

24–30 September 2017. 2 Samuel 12–13 (click to read). Most of us don’t wake up in the morning planning to commit terrible sins, or to injure and hurt others. So why do we commit such serious sins? Often these big sins happen because we first opened the door to little sins. We allow a first little […]

Philemon: How do people see us?

by slpcenglish

17–23 September 2017. Philemon (click to read). In a big city, when we walk down the street we rarely pay attention to other people. Sometimes it’s like they aren’t even there. When we go shopping, we interact a little with the salespeople, but we still often don’t pay them much attention. We just hand over […]

1 Samuel 31. The influence of sin

by slpcenglish

10–16 September 2017. 1 Samuel 31 (click to read). In just a few short sentences at the end of 1 Samuel we read about the downfall of King Saul and his family. We followed Saul’s story, we watched him become king, and now it’s all over. Jonathan and his brothers are hunted down and killed. […]

1 Samuel 19–20. Never forget that God likes you

by slpcenglish

3–9 September 2017. 1 Samuel 19–20 (click to read). In 1 Samuel 20:1 David turns to his friend Jonathan, King Saul’s son, and in despair he asks: “What have I done? What is my crime? How have I offended your father that he is so determined to kill me?” In ch. 19, Jonathan had managed […]