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2 Kings 25. Is it worthwhile to turn away from what we know is right?

by slpcenglish

24–30 June 2018. 2 Kings 25 (click to read). We all like stories with happy endings. But sadly the end of 2 Kings isn’t very happy at all. Earlier in the story of Judah, the Babylonian empire had attacked and defeated Jerusalem, taking many of its leaders and people into exile. But despite this defeat, […]

2 Kings 13–14. Power is in God’s hands alone

by slpcenglish

17–23 June 2018. 2 Kings 13–14 (click to read). Suddenly in 2 Kings 13, in the middle of a lot of fairly dry lists of all the different kings of Israel and Judah, we find a strange little story about the prophet Elisha. King Joash of Israel hears news that Elisha is about to die, […]

1 Kings 21–22. A good friend tells us when we are wrong

by slpcenglish

10–16 June 2018. 1 Kings 21–22 (click to read). When we face temptations, it’s easy to tell ourselves that this temptation is such a little thing and won’t have a big impact on our lives. It’s only afterwards that we see the terrible results that small temptation led us to. When King David first looked […]

1 Kings 9–10. One person’s wisdom blesses a whole nation

by slpcenglish

3–9 June 2018. 1 Kings 9–10 (click to read). There was a popular belief among the ancient Israelites that the exotic people of Southern Arabia and Ethiopia were especially blessed with wisdom. Other nations may have great warriors or great riches, but the people from Sheba were famous for their wisdom. In 1 Kings 10, […]