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Psalm 110. Christ enthroned!

by slpcenglish

26 April – 2 May 2015. Psalm 110 (click to read). Rather than being a hymn, Psalm 110 is actually an incredible prophecy about the coming Messiah. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it played such an important role in the life of Jesus and his church. We hear this psalm from the mouth of Jesus […]

Psalm 104. Finding our place in creation

by slpcenglish

19–25 April 2015. Psalm 104 (click to read). Psalm 104 is one of the great hymns of the Bible, one that the church has traditionally used during Pentecost. It is a hymn that describes the Creator’s great wisdom, and the way God provides for all life. It begins in verses 1–4 with a description of […]

Psalm 97. What does it mean to be a god?

by slpcenglish

12–18 April 2015. Psalm 97 (click to read). What does it mean to be a god? In Taiwan we are surrounded by so many temples and so many gods. But the gods all seem to have different characteristics. So how do we actually define what a god is? For many people, to be a god […]

Psalm 90. Life Under the Sign of Grace

by slpcenglish

5–11 April 2015. Psalm 90 (click to read). What does it mean to be human? This is a hard question, and one with lots of answers. But one thing we know is that to be human means having a beginning and an end. It means being limited, being one of God’s creatures. God is unlimited, […]