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Exodus 31–32. How can I glorify God?

by slpcenglish

21–27 February 2016. Exodus 31–32 (click to read). At the start of today’s long passage from Exodus 31–33, we hear about two skillful craftsmen, Bezalel and Oholiab, who are chosen to decorate the tent where the Israelites worship God. Wouldn’t that be great, to be called out by God this way as someone with such […]

Exodus 22. God will hear!

by slpcenglish

14–20 February 2016. Exodus 22 (click to read). The Old Testament law contains 613 commands, but as we see in the gospels (e.g. Matt 22:34–40) Jesus gives us only two: love God completely, and love your neighbour as yourself. In today’s text, we see some concrete examples of that second command. In verses 21–27 we […]

Exodus 12. The saving blood of Christ

by slpcenglish

7–13 February 2016. Exodus 12 (click to read). Exodus 12 has all the characteristics of a frightening horror story. It begins with the killing of a lamb, holding it down while it kicks and struggles, drawing a sharp knife across its throat and collecting the blood that spurts out. It talks about smearing that hot […]