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Ephesians 1. Everyone is united in Christ

by slpcenglish

26 May – 1 June 2019. Ephesians 1 (click to read). Taiwan is full of social clubs that bring people together based on a shared interest. There are clubs for people who like dancing, who like hiking or painting, there are sports clubs that support particular sports teams, and even cooking clubs. But the church is […]

2 Chronicles 27. A citizen’s responsibility

by slpcenglish

19–25 May 2019. 2 Chronicles 27 (click to read). It’s hard to stress enough just how important good leaders are to the health of a country. Our political leaders set the direction for our country, they shape our laws and policies, they set the tone for our public discourse, and they lead by example. It […]

2 Chronicles 16. God is not a spy

by slpcenglish

12–18 May 2019. 2 Chronicles 16 (click to read). When people think about God, too often they imagine him like some kind of almighty policeman up in the sky. They think that God – like the secret police – is always secretly watching what we do, listening to what we say, and even eavesdropping on the […]

2 Chronicles 5. Celebrating Immanuel

by slpcenglish

5–11 May 2019. 2 Chronicles 5 (click to read) In 2 Chronicles 5 we see the Israelites in the middle of a grand celebration. Solomon had given the order that there should be a great procession bringing the ark of the covenant into the temple in Jerusalem, and this was a reason for great joy. […]