WebBannerThe English Ministry is a unique place!

We are here to serve those who need an English-speaking faith community. We are part of Taiwan’s historic Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church – the largest church in Taiwan’s largest church denomination.

The community that meets at the EM is incredibly diverse, with members from across Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

While we are a community in the Presbyterian denomination, we are incredibly proud of our broadness. The diverse faith experiences of our members mean that we welcome people from all Christian denominations and backgrounds. In this way, we really try to reflect the wonderful richness of the global Christian tradition, and to practice the hospitality of Christ – who opens his arms to welcome all people, and who shows no favouritism (Acts 10:34). We also welcome a large number of non-Christian “seekers”, and give them the space and freedom they need to learn more about God at their own speed. At the EM, there really is a place for everyone!

At the EM we strongly believe that a faith life is more than simply what we believe. A healthy church that follows Christ will have three characteristics. It will be:

  1. A truth-seeking community, pushing hard to understanding who God is, what Christ wants from us, and using that wisdom to understand ourselves and the world around us. Even though our Pastor, Dr. Stephen Lakkis, is one of Taiwan’s best-known theologians, he still leads us in simple ways to deepen our understanding of Christ. Apart from preaching, he also offers regular Bible Study courses throughout the year.
  2. A justice-seeking community, devoting our lives and energies to serving the community around us, being a blessing to others, and co-operating with Christ to see his kingdom of fairness and love spread through our society. That’s why at the EM we are so deeply engaged with community service programs, caring for at-risk children, for students and foreign families, and reaching out to support women in need.
  3. A community of joy, where we come together to celebrate the good news of Christ’s love and salvation for all people, and to spread that joy to those around us. At the EM, we have a reputation for celebrations! Whether it’s our huge end of year Christmas party, our Easter feasts, our Summer Celebration or our Sunday afternoon activities, we always find opportunities to celebrate life together with God and with one another. We also offer tea, coffee and snacks after Sunday worship – it’s a great time to relax and get to know others.

To know God, to love and care for one another, and to have fun doing it – that’s what the EM is all about! No matter what your background is, no matter what questions you have, no matter where you are in your faith life, you can always find a place here!

We look forward to meeting you!