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Sunday 23 January 2022
3rd  Sunday after the Epiphany

Praise Team will lead the service

Scripture:Jonah 4:1-4
Message: “The Human Condition ”
Preacher: Pastor Michael Lu

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***Special Notice***

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! May the peace of Christ be with you!

Due to the new developments of Covid 19, here’s the updated safety measures of the church.

1. Prior entry to the Church, please make sure you have your masks properly worn, scan QR code to complete your real name registration, disinfect your hands with alcohol and have your temperature taken. Lifts are only allowed a maximum of 6 persons and please refrain from speaking inside the lift.

2. All food and drinks are prohibited inside the church compound.

Let’s do our very best to adhere to these regulations as we worship God on Sunday!
God bless you and we’ll see you all tomorrow!



The EM Kids Club will be on winter break from next week. Children are welcomed to join their parents in the chapel; some coloring and worksheets will be made available at the Welcome Table. The EM Kids Club will resume on 13 February 2022.


There will be no EM service on 30 January due to the Lunar New Year break. Our services will start again on 6 February.


We are looking for people who are willing to join our welcome team to help us every Sunday morning. Feel free to reach out to Welcome team leader Mandy.



– “Young Professionals Group“ (Even Fridays, 7:30 pm, Rm 801).

– AA Open Meeting “Upon Awakening” meets Tuesdays 9:00 am, Rm 1101. For details call Dan 0909-730-809


Bible Verse for the Week

Luke 13:29
“People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.”


Life-Flourishing Communities

(John 1:1-9)

From this powerful introduction to John 1, we learn three things about John: Firstly that “he himself was not the light” (v.8a) We, like John, are called to bring about life-flourishing communities. But we, like John, also have human limitations, weaknesses and even contradictions. John was the son of a respectable priest, but instead of serving under his father in the temple and learning in that setting like a normal priest’s son, he was busy living in the desert, dressed in animal skin, eating locusts and honey, yet God was using him to point people to Jesus in spite of his quirks and idiosyncrasies. God calls us too. We do not have to be perfect to be called, but we do have to be willing. We have no real excuses for not following God’s call. Secondly, “he came only as a witness to the light” (v.8b) In spite of human limitations, John had a divine commission, to witness to another, that is Christ. We too are called to show people what is possible in Christ’s power. To influence our communities for blessings and for good, to bring about life-flourishing behaviours like reconciliation, healing and restoration. And to use our talents and gifts to show Christ’s values in our communities. Third, that Jesus is “the true light that gives light to every person” (v.9) So, it was not about John. And it is not about us either, because we are not the light. Jesus is the Light of the world, the one who shines upon our situations and makes clear the true meaning and destiny of human existence. Jesus is the light who came so that we may have abundant life. And because it is all about Jesus the only true light, then we ought to be following His methods and teachings. Teachings about kingdom values like peace-seeking, challenging the evil around us, seeking mercy, and acting in righteousness. And Jesus, the Light of the world, will use us to bring transformation in the world.