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Deuteronomy 28. Breaking up with God

by slpcenglish

Bonus April 2016 Text. Deuteronomy 28 (click here to read). Deuteronomy 28 is such a frightening text! Moses’s death is coming, and he wants to make sure that after he is gone the people never forget to obey God. So he stands before them and gives them a choice: do good and be blessed, or […]

Deuteronomy 19. Show pity!

by slpcenglish

24–30 April 2016. Deuteronomy 19 (click to read). Deuteronomy 19 talks again about cities of refuge, an idea we saw back in Numbers 35. But unlike in Numbers, this chapter is special because it includes the “lex talionis“, the famous Jewish law of revenge. In verse 21 this law demands “life for life, eye for […]

Deuteronomy 8–9. Grace not pride

by slpcenglish

17–23 April 2016. Deuteronomy 8–9 (click to read). In English we have the expression “a self-made man”. Originally this described someone who became rich and wealthy through their own hard work, rather than by inheriting lots of money from their family. But these days this expression is not always a positive one. That’s because the mentality […]

Numbers 35–36. Calm justice, not mob rule

by slpcenglish

10–16 April 2016. Numbers 35–36 (click to read). Today, when terrible crimes are committed in Taiwan, we see how quickly the newspapers and media are to start shouting for revenge. Instead of trying to find out the truth of what happened and to report that, the media instead do their best to build up hate […]

Numbers 26. Moving forward

by slpcenglish

3–9 April 2016. Numbers 26 (click to read). Numbers 26 begins by mentioning the plague in chapter 25 that killed off the last of the old generation of Israelites. God had threatened them before that none of the generation that left Egypt would enter the promised land. This was their punishment for all the ways […]