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John 18:28–40. Can we really love God by hating others?

by slpcenglish

29 July – 4 August 2018. John 18:28–40 (click to read). In the middle of the story of Jesus’s trial and execution, John gives us an unusual but very important detail about Jesus’s Jewish accusers. In v. 28 John tells us that these accusers dragged Jesus to the headquarters of the Roman governor but they […]

John 14:15–31. Love and obedience

by slpcenglish

22–28 July 2018. John 14:15–31 (click to read). In John 14 we find Jesus in the middle of his last speech to his disciples. Jesus knows that he doesn’t have much time left before he is arrested and executed. So here at the end, Jesus gives his disciples his final teachings, and also some hope […]

John 11:38–57. Christ is Lord over life and death

by slpcenglish

15–21 July 2018. John 11:38–57 (click to read). When we are suffering it’s easy to think that God is very far away from us, living far away in heaven and not really interested in all the troubles we are going through every day. But that’s really not true at all. God does care about us, […]

John 8:1–30. No need to fear

by slpcenglish

8–14 July 2018. John 8:1–30 (click to read). If, when driving down the road, you have ever had a police car suddenly start driving behind you, you will know how nervous that makes you feel! Even though the police aren’t interested in us, having them right behind us and watching us still makes us worry. […]

John 4:27–54. What draws us to Jesus?

by slpcenglish

1–7 July 2018. John 4:27–54 (click to read). One of the things we are all searching for in life is direction. How should I live? What goal and purpose should I direct my life towards? And who can tell me which way I should go? Today millions of people are desperate to find someone who […]