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2 Chronicles 13–14. When will there be peace?

by slpcenglish

28 August – 3 September 2016. 2 Chronicles 13–14 (click to read). Psalm 133:1 tells us: “How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!” But in 2 Chronicles 13 we don’t see much harmony between brothers at all. Instead, the Israelites are at war with each other … again. Here the […]

2 Chronicles 1–2. Hurting others for God?

by slpcenglish

Bonus Devotional for August 2016! 2 Chronicles 1-2 (click to read). When Solomon becomes king, he realizes just how much wisdom he will need to be a good ruler. So in today’s text Solomon asks God for the wisdom to lead, and God gives Solomon his wish. But even with God’s gift of wisdom, Solomon […]

1 Chronicles 19–20. Seek forgiveness

by slpcenglish

21–27 August 2016. 1 Chronicles 19–20 (click to read). If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we make mistakes. We all try to make the best decisions we can, but somehow things still go wrong. But while making mistakes is normal, the important thing is how we react to those mistakes. […]

1 Chronicles 7–8. God knows your name

by slpcenglish

14–20 August 2016. 1 Chronicles 7–8 (click to read). In the New Testament we have four gospels which all tell us about Jesus but from different perspectives. Here now in the Old Testament we also see the same thing. The writers of Samuel and Kings gave us one version of Israel’s history, and now Chronicles talks about […]

2 Kings 23–24. Re-devoting our lives to God

by slpcenglish

7–13 August 2016. 2 Kings 23–24 (click to read). When people come to the English Ministry, they notice that during the service we have a special prayer: the Communal Confession. It’s a time when we admit that we haven’t always lived up to God’s expectations. We confess those failings together, and then hear God’s promise […]