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Job 42. Dangerous answers

by slpcenglish

25–31 October 2015. Job 42 (click to read). The ending to the Book of Job is one that causes us a lot of frustration. We have just struggled through 40 chapters of discussion on the problem of suffering, trying to understand why God allows suffering to exist. Job wanted to take God to court to […]

Job 37. Why should God care?

by slpcenglish

18–24 October 2015. Job 37 (click to read). Job’s three friends constantly told him that he was an unrighteous person who deserved God’s punishment. But Job knew that he was innocent. This is why he dreams of taking God to court and proving that God is unjust. The young and foolish Elihu had taken it […]

Job 33:1–11. Shameful arrogance

by slpcenglish

11–17 October 2015. Job 33:1–11 (click to read). Job’s three friends have given up arguing with Job, unable to answer his questions about suffering and God’s justice. Then all of a sudden we find a fourth person there: Elihu. Our Old Testament scholars tell us that Elihu wasn’t originally part of the story, but that […]

Job 27. Blaming the victim

by slpcenglish

4–10 October 2015. Job 27 (click to read). At the start of chapter 27, we see Job do something shocking, something that many of us would never be brave enough to do. Not only does Job continue to proclaim his innocence and his righteousness before God and his friends, he also forcefully attacks God and […]