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Job 37. Is evil always so hard to understand?

by slpcenglish

28 October – 3 November 2018. Job 37 (click to read). When it comes to the problem of Job’s suffering, the young and foolish Elihu thinks he has all the answers. Many of the answers Elihu offers Job are not so different from ideas on suffering we still hear from people today. In chapter 37, […]

Job 30. Who is defending goodness and helping the weak?

by slpcenglish

21–27 October 2018. Job 30 (click to read). We know the way the world is supposed to work. People who do bad things are supposed to be punished, and people who do good should be rewarded. But sadly things don’t always work out that way. Too often the evil and corruption in this world makes […]

Job 23. Is God hiding from our pain?

by slpcenglish

14–20 October 2018. Job 23 (click to read). Job knows that he has done nothing wrong. He knows that he has done nothing to deserve such terrible pain and disaster in his life. So Job dreams of bringing a court case to God and defending himself against God. In his heart Job knows this situation is […]

Job 16. The meaninglessness of true evil

by slpcenglish

7–13 October 2018. Job 16 (click to read). When we suffer, what hurts us most is often not really the physical pain – after all there is a lot of medication we can take for that. Instead what hurts us most is the emotional pain we feel in our hearts and souls. No painkillers can take […]