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Jeremiah 9–10. Who is the best?

by slpcenglish

26 August – 1 September 2018. Jeremiah 9–10 (click to read). Whenever people first meet, there is an immediate competition to see who is the best. We chat together, and we ask each other questions. But too often behind those simple questions is a subtle attempt to find out who is better. We want to […]

Ruth 1. The importance of kindness, compassion, and love

by slpcenglish

19–25 August 2018. Ruth 1 (click to read). Ruth is one of the shortest books in the Bible, but also one of the most beautiful. It’s so moving because at each step of the story we see the profound importance of kindness, compassion, and love. In chapter 1 we see this at two different levels. […]

Judges 11. How much would you sacrifice for success?

by slpcenglish

12–18 August 2018. Judges 11 (click to read). The story of Jephthah is one of the most horrifying texts in the Old Testament. It’s a story full of pride and hatred, rejection and tragedy. The biblical writer begins the story by telling us directly that Jephthah was the son of a prostitute. Jephthah’s father also […]

Judges 1–2. Learning to be responsible for our own failings

by slpcenglish

5–11 August 2018. Judges 1–2 (click to read). Though we often call the Book of Joshua a “historical book”, we have to remember that it isn’t really what we think of today as history. It is more of a national story or myth. That becomes clear to us again as soon as we open the […]