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Habakkuk 1. The measure you give is the measure you will receive

by slpcenglish

27 October – 2 November 2019. Habakkuk 1 (click to read). Like many other prophets, Micah saw the way that the people of Jerusalem had turned to evil to make a profit – robbing, cheating, stealing from the needy, and oppressing the weak and poor. Like other prophets before him, Micah warned the Israelites that […]

Micah 6. Better than sorry

by slpcenglish

20–26 October 2019. Micah 6 (click to read). It’s good to say sorry. When our words or actions hurt others it’s important for us to recognize that, to understand that we have done something wrong, and then be brave enough to go and apologize. But even better than saying sorry is not doing that wrong […]

Amos 6. Change is coming

by slpcenglish

13–19 October 2019. Amos 6 (click to read). In Amos 6, God continues his frightening condemnation of the Israelites for all the economic injustices they have committed in their land. The Israelites have pushed people not only into poverty but to the very edge of existence itself. By rigging the economic system, by cheating in […]

Amos 1. God opposes injustice, wherever he finds it

by slpcenglish

6–12 October 2019. Amos 1 (click to read). The book of Amos begins with a collection of judgement prophecies, describing God’s coming punishment on some of ancient Israel’s enemies. For the Israelites listening to these prophecies against Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, and Amon, they must have felt quite happy. In Amos’s time Israel was actually […]