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Jeremiah 49–50. Coming back to God

by slpcenglish

30 October – 5 November 2016. Jeremiah 49–50 (click to read). All through the Book of Jeremiah we have listened to God’s announcements of destruction and punishment for Judah. Now at the end in chapter 49, we find prophecies about some of the other countries nearby. Interestingly, even though those countries worship other gods, and […]

Jeremiah 37. Seeing the big picture

by slpcenglish

23–29 October 2016. Jeremiah 37 (click to read). In Jeremiah 37, Jerusalem is in serious trouble! King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon chose Zedekiah to be the new king over Judah, hoping that he would be loyal to Babylon. But Zedekiah rebelled against the king – and his rebellion failed! So now the Babylonian army has come […]

Jeremiah 27–28. Knowing the Truth

by slpcenglish

16–22 October 2016. Jeremiah 27–28 (click to read). It makes us feel so good when people say nice things about us! It really lifts our spirits, and fills us with joy. But while we all need to hear nice things, it’s just as important that we also hear the truth. That’s the job of a real […]

Jeremiah 15–16. God is a righteous judge

by slpcenglish

9–15 October 2016. Jeremiah 15–16 (click to read). In our world today, we are so used to watching as the rich and powerful get away with all sorts of crimes. Sometimes it even seems like there are two sets of laws: one for ordinary people, and a different one for those at the top of […]

Jeremiah 1–2. Fine, have it your way!

by slpcenglish

2–8 October 2016. Jeremiah 1–2 (click to read). A few years ago, a friend came to me in tears and told me that his wife was leaving him. While he was heartbroken, most of all he was hurt and confused. He had done everything for her, given her everything she wanted, made sacrifices to support […]