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Proverbs 1:20–33. The Value of Education

by slpcenglish

28 June – 4 July 2015. Proverbs 1:20–33 (click to read). When young Jewish boys turned 13, it was time for them to begin their religious studies, and Proverbs was one of their first text books. Written for children, it offered simple ideas to guide them through childhood, and presented the world in a simple […]

Psalm 145. King of Kings

by slpcenglish

21–27 June 2015. Psalm 145 (click to read). Psalm 145 continues the theme of the universal praise of God that we have seen in many previous psalms. Here God is the royal and majestic king, the ruler of all things, and so he must be praised by all things forever, throughout all time. In verse […]

Psalm 138. A God who cares even for me

by slpcenglish

14–20 June 2015. Psalm 138 (click to read). Psalm 138 launches into a great hymn of praise to God, thanking and worshipping him for  his wonderful love and faithfulness. Like many of the other psalms of universal praise (like Psalm 65 or Psalm 117), this psalm tells how the whole earth will join together in […]

Psalm 131. Resting in God’s arms

by slpcenglish

7–13 June 2015. Psalm 131 (click to read). Augustine, one of the great fathers of the church, taught us that the root of all evil is pride. In the church, pride is certainly a danger for many Christians. This is especially so when we talk about knowing God. It is very tempting for us to […]

Psalm 124. God is always by our side

by slpcenglish

31 May – 6 June 2015. Psalm 124 (click to read). When we go through troubles and hard times in life, it’s so common for us to feel alone. How many times have you been facing difficult problems, and have just felt like there is no one who can understand what you are going through, […]