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Judges 16: What does it mean to be a hero?

by slpcenglish

29 May – 4 June 2016. Judges 16 (click to read). From beginning to end, Samson’s story is like a train wreck. We see the disaster coming, but just can’t look away! What was Samson thinking? He is supposed to be a Nazarite, a man living a life dedicated to God, but instead he’s a […]

Judges 7–8. The God of the Weak

by slpcenglish

22–28 May 2016. Judges 7–8 (click to read). In Judges 7 and 8 we read about the Israelites’ trouble with the Midianites. Back in those days, the Midianites were a powerful group. They attacked and oppressed the Israelites, took their food and possessions, controlled their lands, and forced them into lives of misery. In ancient times, people […]

Joshua 22. Meeting God wherever you are

by slpcenglish

15–21 May 2016. Joshua 22 (click to read). One day I got an email advertising holidays to the “holy land”. Of course, what the travel agent meant was that they were selling trips to Israel. Sometimes we still hear people talking about “the holy land”, but it’s really quite a strange expression. What makes land […]

Joshua 13. One Israel

by slpcenglish

8–14 May 2016. Joshua 13 (click to read). What’s going on in Joshua 13? In chapter 11:23, we just read how Joshua conquered the whole land, gave it to the Israelites, and how “the land finally had rest from war.” But now we open chapter 13 and find God worried because Joshua is an old man […]

Joshua 3–4. Is the God of Love not good enough?

by slpcenglish

1–7 May 2016. Joshua 3–4 (click to read). The ancient Romans used to tell a story about the way their empire began. Twin baby boys, Romulus and Remus, were abandoned by their father, but were then saved by a female wolf. This wolf fed them with her own milk, cared for them, and helped them grow strong […]