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Exodus 36. Using our talents for God

by slpcenglish

25 February – 3 March 2018. Exodus 36 (click to read). In Exodus we read how the Israelites aimed to create a wonderful tabernacle, a beautiful place where they could meet together with God. But if they were going to do this, they would need skilled people to help. Bez’alel and Oho’liab were skilful workers. […]

Exodus 26. A place to meet God

by slpcenglish

18–24 February 2018. Exodus 26 (click to read). For those of you who have been lucky enough to live in Europe or go on holidays there, you will know how wonderful it is to enjoy their great cathedrals. Every day tourists from all over the world flock to those ancient churches, walking through those historic […]

Exodus 16. Learning to trust

by slpcenglish

11–17 February 2018. Exodus 16 (click to read). The Hebrew slaves in Egypt knew what it was like to be oppressed through work. Under the harsh rule of their masters they were abused, forced to work long hours every day, used up, and then thrown aside when they couldn’t work anymore. But through Moses, God […]

Exodus 5–6. God cares about our work life

by slpcenglish

4–10 February 2018. Exodus 5–6 (click to read). One of the most common worries that people share with me is their worry about work. That’s not surprising given how stressful the work situation is here in Taiwan. Jobs here aren’t easy to find, and when one does have a job, the work is stressful, long, […]