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Zephaniah 3. Christmas Joy!

by slpcenglish

25–31 December 2016. Zephaniah 3 (click to read). Merry Christmas everyone! Zephaniah 3 is a beautiful and well-known text that we often read in the church during Advent, in the lead up to Christmas. That’s because it is a text full of hope and joy, and the promise of our coming Saviour. But the chapter […]

Micah 1–3. Hoping for change

by slpcenglish

18–24 December 2016. Micah 1–3 (click to read). In the book of Micah we see many of the same themes that were raised last week by Amos, especially the concern about economic oppression and corruption, and the abuse of the poor and weak. Really, this is a constant theme all through the Bible and in […]

Amos 3–4. God stands with the poor

by slpcenglish

11–17 December 2016. Amos 3–4 (click to read). One of the biggest temptations we face in our faith lives is the idea that our faith has nothing at all to do with the outside world. Even worse is the idea that our faith has nothing to do with how we make our money. It’s easy […]

Hosea 9–10. Corruption without punishment?

by slpcenglish

4–10 December 2016. Hosea 9–10 (click to read). Let me ask you a question: If you thought there was no way for you to be punished for something, would you do it? In Hosea 9–10, the Israelites were so happy. The economy was going well, the country was developing, and there was prosperity and joy. The […]