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Ezekiel 13–14. Did God really say that?

by slpcenglish

30 June – 6 July 2019. Ezekiel 13–14 (click to read). We live in a society where people are free to say whatever they like. And while free speech is a great blessing, it also brings with it a great danger. Out in the world free speech too often means that people, politicians, and leaders just […]

Romans 8:35, 38–39. Drawn into God’s Arms

by slpcenglish

23–29 June 2019. Romans 8:35, 38–39 (click to read). Life isn’t always easy. But take a moment to quietly think back over today, over everything that has happened. Take a moment to think back over yesterday, over this past year, and even over your whole life up to this point: Has anything been causing you […]

Proverbs 31. Wonder Woman

by slpcenglish

16–22 June 2019. Proverbs 31 (click to read). In the ancient world, Proverbs was often the first textbook that young Jewish boys would have encountered. The wisdom of Proverbs was simple and easy to understand, and it was focused on the practical challenges of daily life. And so the first step in the education of […]

Proverbs 24. A Painful Temptation

by slpcenglish

9–15 June 2019. Proverbs 24 (click to read). Proverbs 24 opens with the simple words: “Don’t envy evil people.” This plea is then repeated again in verse 19: “don’t envy the wicked”. At first it sounds like strange advice. Why would we ever envy evil and wicked people? But sadly this temptation is very common, very […]

Proverbs 16. Knowing right from wrong

by slpcenglish

2–8 June 2019. Proverbs 16 (click to read). In the church we spend a lot of time talking about right behaviour. We all want people to do what is right, and to avoid doing wrong. In principle, that’s fine. It’s good that we have high expectations of ourselves and of others; it’s good that we want […]