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Amos 6. Change is coming

by slpcenglish

13–19 October 2019. Amos 6 (click to read). In Amos 6, God continues his frightening condemnation of the Israelites for all the economic injustices they have committed in their land. The Israelites have pushed people not only into poverty but to the very edge of existence itself. By rigging the economic system, by cheating in […]

Amos 1. God opposes injustice, wherever he finds it

by slpcenglish

6–12 October 2019. Amos 1 (click to read). The book of Amos begins with a collection of judgement prophecies, describing God’s coming punishment on some of ancient Israel’s enemies. For the Israelites listening to these prophecies against Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, and Amon, they must have felt quite happy. In Amos’s time Israel was actually […]

Amos 3–4. God stands with the poor

by slpcenglish

11–17 December 2016. Amos 3–4 (click to read). One of the biggest temptations we face in our faith lives is the idea that our faith has nothing at all to do with the outside world. Even worse is the idea that our faith has nothing to do with how we make our money. It’s easy […]

Leviticus 9–10. Love – it’s that simple!

by slpcenglish

6–12 March 2016. Leviticus 9–10 (click to read). Back when we were children in Australia, we used to watch American TV shows and would see how some actors would have these really complicated handshakes. They would meet each other and do some special moves with their hands – and as kids we used to think […]