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Job 9. Refusing to gossip

by slpcenglish

30 September – 6 October 2018. Job 9 (click to read). When things go wrong in our lives, that’s already bad enough. But what makes our suffering worse is knowing that there will always be people around us who will see our pain and be happy. When bad things happen, there will always be a few […]

Job 2. Defending a life of integrity

by slpcenglish

23–29 September 2018. Job 2 (click to read). Human relationships are complicated and fragile. It’s not always easy to keep a relationship going, and they fail so often for many reasons. Sadly, far too many times I have seen people’s marriages fail. It’s gotten so bad that today many young people are even giving up […]

Jeremiah 47–48. The blessing of God’s judgement

by slpcenglish

16–22 September 2018. Jeremiah 47–48 (click to read). When we read the news about what is going on in the world, it’s easy to lose hope. We watch as the strong do what they want, creating so much pain and injustice, and yet there never seems to be any consequences for their actions. Armies bomb […]

Jeremiah 35–36. Who are we listening to?

by slpcenglish

9–15 September 2018. Jeremiah 35–36 (click to read). Our lives are full of people who want us to listen to them. Teachers and bosses tell us what to do, advertisements tell us what to buy, and even our friends try to influence us to do what they want. Wherever we turn, people are trying to […]

Jeremiah 23–24. No pain, no gain

by slpcenglish

2–8 September 2018. Jeremiah 23–24 (click to read). We Christians have a deep hope that everything will work out fine. We know that life isn’t easy, we know that day after day we have to face serious troubles and hardships. But despite all that we still trust God knowing that he is at work behind […]