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Job 21:1–21. Are the wicked ever punished?

by slpcenglish

27 September – 3 October 2015. Job 21:1–21 (click to read). In chapter 20, Job’s friend Zophar tries a second time to explain why suffering exists. His views are very similar to Job’s other friend, Eliphaz. For Zophar, the law of God is simple: God will always punish the wicked, and he will always reward […]

Job 15:1–16. Is suffering God’s punishment?

by slpcenglish

20–26 September 2015. Job 15:1–16 (click to read). When Job’s friends see his great pain, at first they say nothing. But soon they feel like they should explain to Job why he is suffering so much. They offer a lot of poor arguments, none of which satisfy us today – and none of which satisfied […]

Job 9:1–20. Is God Unjust?

by slpcenglish

13–19 September 2015. Job 9:1–20 (click to read). When people seriously hurt us or damage our lives, we know what to do. We may call the police and have that person arrested. Or we may find a lawyer to sue that person in court. In these ways we try to find justice, and make things […]

Job 2:11–13. God with us

by slpcenglish

6–12 September 2015. Job 2:11–13 (click to read). The Old Testament wisdom literature has three great books. Proverbs is the easiest, and gets children started on the path to wisdom. Ecclesiastes is harder: it searches for the meaning of life when everything around us seems so empty. But Job is the hardest of them all. […]