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Psalm 24. The Whole World Belongs to God

by slpcenglish

25–31 January 2015. Psalm 24 (click to read). Psalm 24 gives us a great message to start the week with: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (v. 1). This is easy for us to say – so easy that we may miss just how important […]

Psalm 18:25–50. To Trust and Obey God

by slpcenglish

18–24 January 2015. Psalm 18:25–50 (Click to read). In the church’s Bible-reading schedule, we come now to Psalm 18:25–50. On the one hand, this psalm is a good reminder to us Christians that we are reading texts that came from a different age, a different culture, a different part of the world, and also a […]

Psalm 12. Do lies lead to success?

by slpcenglish

11–17 January, 2015. Psalm 12 (Click to read). So often in Taiwan we see so-called “successful people” who have gained their positions and wealth not through honesty and hard work but through flattery, lies, and cheating. Every week there seems to be another news report about corruption among our politicians, business leaders, and even church […]

Psalm 5. The tongue is a dangerous weapon

by slpcenglish

4–10 January, 2015. Psalm 5 (Click to read text). One of the most common problems we face in life comes from dealing with other people’s gossip. When people are so polite to our faces, but then secretly spread evil rumours and lies behind us, it hurts us so deeply. We feel like there is no […]

Revelation 20. Evil Cannot Win

by slpcenglish

28 December 2014 – 3 January 2015. Revelation 20 (Click to read).    For those of you following the church’s Bible reading plan, this month we read through the difficult and controversial Book of Revelation: the last book of the Bible for the end of the calendar year. As we come to the end of […]