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Nehemiah 11–13. Building a wall

by slpcenglish

25 September – 1 October 2016. Nehemiah 11–13 (click to read). Here at the end of the book of Nehemiah we are confronted with two problems. The first is that we have to read through all these genealogies, these long, long lists of names! But the second problem is much more serious, and is connected […]

Ezra 7–8. A new heart

by slpcenglish

18–24 September 2016. Ezra 7–8 (click to read). Over the last few months we have read how the Israelites attacked each other, went to war against each other, and killed each other. This went on for centuries until outside empires finally came and stopped it all by destroying both Israel and Judah! As a result, […]

2 Chronicles 31–32. Doing the right thing

by slpcenglish

11–17 September 2016. 2 Chronicles 31–32 (click to read). In Israel, the priests and Levites didn’t have any land of their own. That meant that many of them lived in terrible poverty, with no way to support themselves or their families. Of course, the other Israelites were supposed to give donations to the Levites, but […]

2 Chronicles 23–24. The courage to do good

by slpcenglish

4–10 September 2106. 2 Chronicles 23–24 (click to read). In today’s Bible reading we find ourselves in the middle of an exciting story, a story we have already heard before back in 2 Kings 11. In the fight for power in Judah, Athaliah had seized the throne and made herself queen. Then to protect her […]