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Genesis 50. Everything will be good

by slpcenglish

26 March – 1 April 2017. Genesis 50 (click to read). Now that Jacob has died, Joseph’s brothers start to really worry about Joseph taking his revenge. The brothers had treated Joseph so badly, and now that their father wasn’t there to keep everything friendly, what was Joseph going to do to them? The brothers […]

Genesis 43. Even during disasters, God is still leading us

by slpcenglish

19–25 March 2017. Genesis 43 (click to read). The story of Joseph, with its dramas of family betrayal and loss, is one of the most moving stories in the whole Old Testament. Here halfway through the story in Genesis 43, we see so many heart-breaking images. We see Jacob as an old man whose heart […]

Genesis 36. Wonderful things are still to come

by slpcenglish

12–18 March 2017. Genesis 36 (click to read). In movies, we’re used to the way that the camera always follows the main character. After all, they are the hero of the story. They may meet other people along the way, and other characters may come and go, but the story always keeps us with the […]

Genesis 27–28. Even when we make mistakes, God is still here to help

by slpcenglish

5–11 March 2017. Genesis 27–28 (click to read). In chapter 27 we read the heart-breaking story of how Jacob and his mother Rebekah tricked Jacob’s father Isaac. Isaac loved his eldest son Esau and planned to give Esau his fatherly blessing. But Rebekah’s favourite was Jacob. So she came up with a plan for Jacob […]