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Luke 13:1–17. Do good people suffer?

by slpcenglish

29 January – 4 February 2017. Luke 13:1–17 (click to read). One day when I was walking in Taipei, I saw a church group on the street calling out to people, saying “Become a Christian, and all your troubles will disappear!” As I heard this, it made me really uncomfortable – because that’s not true at […]

Luke 9:37–62. Who is the greatest?

by slpcenglish

15–21 January 2017. Luke 9:37–62 (click to read). In today’s business world, networking is important. People go to business dinners hoping to meet important people, to swap name cards, and build relationships with people who can help their businesses grow. But knowing so-called important people doesn’t just help our businesses, it also boosts our own […]

Luke 6:27–49. What does it mean to be like God?

by slpcenglish

15–21 January 2017. Luke 6:27–49 (click to read). What does it mean to be like God? That’s a difficult question that many people have argued about all through history. For some, to be like God means having enormous power; it means bossing people around and telling them what to do. For some, to be like God […]

Luke 3:21–38. The great and ancient plan

by slpcenglish

8–14 January 2017. Luke 3:21–38 (click to read). If we take a very simple look at the Christmas story, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the coming of Christ was somehow just part of God’s backup plan. We read through the Old Testament and look at the way that Abraham and […]

Malachi 3–4. Becoming like gold

by slpcenglish

1–7 January 2017. Malachi 3–4 (click to read). Over the last few weeks we have already heard other Minor Prophets talk about their hope for a coming Messiah, one who will come judge the people. Sometimes that sounded frightening because the prophets imagined the Messiah would be like a violent king coming to destroy Israel’s enemies. […]