(On Psalm 46)

We live in a world where suffering from poverty, violence of war, effects of climate change and many other issues have taken toll of our lives. These may not be situations that we expect but we are thankful for the Psalmist who had reminded us that our lives do not dwell outside the perimeter of God’s knowledge and presence. Psalms 46 is powerful and vividly reminds us about three significant lessons.

The Psalmist reaffirms God’s protection and care over her people. It reminds us that no matter how difficult our situations maybe in life, God is our place of protection and care. “God as our refuge, strength and help” are words of confidence and surety. It tells us about the Psalmist’s life experience with God that in the midst of his or her vulnerability, despair and hopelessness, God is always available to hear and talk with us. When trouble comes, God is always near, always present and able to be found.

The Psalmist also reaffirms that in every situation in life, God is in control. The Psalmist provides a vivid picture of a world that is overcome by disaster. He or she describes the earth shaking and waters rising, which disturbs and challenges the stability of the environment and the people that dwells in it. However, the Psalmist reminds us that when situations are beyond our human control, God has the power to speak and redirect everything. God’s presence and power are our hope.

The Psalmist also reminds us that when our faith is shaken due to the chaotic circumstances we face in life and fear is our natural response, we must “be still and know God”. We must not be afraid but rather pause or stop and remind ourselves that God is with us. We must not only believe in God’s protection and presence but also know that God will definitely help and strengthen us in every situation we face.

Rev. Geraldine Varea,
Pacific Theological College
(taken from “Sundays with CWM”)