21–27 June 2015.

Psalm 145 (click to read).

Psalm 145 continues the theme of the universal praise of God that we have seen in many previous psalms. Here God is the royal and majestic king, the ruler of all things, and so he must be praised by all things forever, throughout all time.

In verse 4 we hear how God’s faithfulness doesn’t end, but stretches across generations. What a wonderful reminder of the many thousands of years that we have been praising and glorifying God, worshipping him since ancient times. But we have just begun! Over thousands of years to come all creation will continue to praise God, because his faithfulness never ends. As verse 21 tells us: “all flesh will bless his holy name forever and ever.” After all, he is the God of all flesh, the King of all creation.

It’s true that some Jews tried to limit God’s love, arguing that God only loved them. And sadly, it’s true that some Christians try to do the same thing, imagining that God only loves us. But this psalm can’t accept such a tiny God. In v. 9 God is good to all: to people from all nationalities, all backgrounds, all cultures. And not only is God good to all people, but good to everything he has made. God is good to all the world, all the universe, all creation. This word “all” occurs 17 times in this psalm, stressing over and over again this universal and unlimited aspect of God’s love and care.

It’s little wonder then that in v. 10 all creation will come together to give thanks to God. Other gods and earthly rulers may threaten people or force people to praise them, but God is not like this. All creation and all people will willingly praise God because, as verses 14 and 17 tell us, God looks after the weak, he lifts up those who are falling down, he is just and right and kind.

How lucky we are to have a God full of grace and mercy, a God full of steadfast love (v. 8), a God who loves and cares for us so much!

Pastor Stephen Lakkis