20–26 December 2015.

Isaiah 56 (click to read).

Christmas is almost here! We stand right at the edge of Christ’s coming, the arrival of our great King! Right now, today, his kingdom is breaking into this world! So what should we do? The prophet tells us: “Protect justice, do what is right”, hold onto God because our salvation is so close now.

If you aren’t Christian, you might be standing on the sides watching all this excitement for the coming King, and thinking sadly: “I wish I could be included, I wish I could be part of the celebration.” But you are included! Christ is the Great King of all people, not just a tiny few.

The prophet mentions the sadness of foreigners and eunuchs, people who had been told by the Israelites their whole lives that they could never belong to God, never be included, never participate in this great celebration. They had been told that there was no place at the table for them. Maybe someone has told you that before too, that you aren’t good enough to be included, not the right type of person to be accepted by God. But that’s nonsense! In verse 7 God promises the eunuchs and foreigners that they are included, and tells us that there is a place in his home for all people. Jesus Christ, the true temple, is a home for all nations, for all people – and he is drawing all people to him right now!

In Jesus we are finally home, finally together with God, and he fills us with incredible joy (v. 7). Some of us are already together with Jesus, already home. But never let that make you think that all the places are taken! Christ the King spreads out his arms across the whole world and is gathering more and more people to him, bringing and welcoming everyone to him (v. 8).

The day is almost here, the Great Lord of Heaven in almost with us. So don’t hesitate any more! Don’t listen to those who want to block your way! And don’t listen to your own worries about maybe not really belonging here. Of course you do! So come now and take your place at the table, and be part of the celebration!

Pastor Stephen Lakkis