6–12 December 2015.

Isaiah 42 (click to read).

As we get closer to Christmas, we can feel the excitement building as we wait for the arrival of Jesus. Especially children find it so hard to wait! They jump up and down with excitement, wanting to know how many days are left till Christmas. How long do we still have to wait? Will that great day never come?

This type of excited impatience has been going on for thousands of years, and we see a great example of it in today’s text. Isaiah 42 is a great prophecy about the triumphant arrival of the mighty Servant of God. It’s a prophecy, but also a song of praise, and an expression of excited waiting.

For us Christians, this is a great hymn of praise to Christ, the one who will finally bring justice to the nations (v. 1). So many times before we have heard leaders shout and brag about themselves, about bringing justice – but all they do is bring violence, aggression, and more injustice! Only Christ, the true Prince of Peace, will bring righteousness and justice to the whole earth. And he doesn’t shout or boast, or use violence. Instead he brings peace with quietness, humility, and gentleness to all (v. 3).

In vv. 6 and 7 we hear the great promises. When Jesus comes, everything will change: all eyes will be opened and we will see the true light; prisoners will be set free, and there will be forgiveness for everyone. And when Jesus comes, none of us will ever have to sit in darkness, in sadness, or in loneliness ever again.

Christ the Servant King will come with meekness and gentleness. He won’t shout out in the streets – but we certainly will! With our eyes on Jesus and our lives focussed on him, what else can we do but shout praises and celebrate. In vv. 10–17 we see the entire earth break out into incredible songs of praise to him. From one end of the earth to the other, from the highest mountains to the deepest seas, all creation will shout out its praises to our coming King.

Christ our Lord is almost here! So let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s turn to him now in expectation and join in the world’s great song of praise!

Pastor Stephen Lakkis