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Psalm 119:153–160. Depend on the Love of God

by slpcenglish

24–30 May 2015. Psalm 119:153–160 (click to read). As Psalm 119 comes to a close, the writer cries out to God, asking for his help. Like the writer, we too know that God loves and cares for us, and that he answers our prayers. But here the writer still reflects an older, Jewish understanding of […]

Psalm 31. Who Do We Trust?

by slpcenglish

1–7 February 2015. Psalm 31 (Click to read). In Luke 23:46, Jesus prays the words of Psalm 31 as his final prayer: “Into your hands I commit my spirit” (v.5). For Christians, this whole psalm is a good reminder to us that we can place our whole lives into God’s hands. The writer tells us […]