24–30 December 2017.


Our Lord Jesus,

So many times you have come to our hearts and found no place to stay. Forgive us our overcrowded lives, our busyness and our distractions, and our preoccupation with ourselves. Come again now, Lord. And even though our minds are a jumble of voices and our hearts are crowded around with many fears, make a place within us today, however small and humble, where you can begin your work, healing our lives and creating peace and joy within us. Clear away the clutter in our lives, sweep away the noise of the world, and come be born again in us today.

This Christmas give us the humbleness to kneel before you, and the strength to offer up our lives as our gifts to you. Light the fires of Christmas within us, so we can shine your light out into every dark corner of this world, bringing joy wherever there is sadness and need.

And in all things, help our own hearts to be filled with the joy of Christmas, not just today but always.

In your holy name we pray,