March Mission Month: Tera van Twillert and the Pearl Family Garden

The EM welcomes Ms Tera van Twillert, Sin Ee Teo, and Edna McKelleher from the Pearl Family Garden.

Tera van Twillert is a Dutch OMF missionary who has been serving in Taiwan for over 20 years. Several years ago she helped establish the Pearl Family Garden to help reach out to marginalized women in Wan Hua, Taipei. The Pearl seeks to bring glory to God’s name by sharing the gospel with women involved in street prostitution, “tea shops”, or KTVs. They work with social services and NGOs to provide practical help to women who want to leave the sex trade. They also serve other low-income women in the community through their handicraft project. At the EM, we pray that our cooperation with the Pearl will help them reach out to even more women on the margins of society and to include them in the body of Christ.

During this special service, we will get to hear about this outreach programme and learn about ways that we can be involved.