Meet Our Team

James Lin

EM Secretary
E-mail James Lin

Do you have questions about any of the events or activities at the EM? Is there anything you need help with? Then come speak to James, the EM’s secretary. He is here to help!

You can contact James at the church office by calling (02) 2541-5390, or click the email button above to send him a message.

EM Office Hours:
Sundays: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Mondays ~ Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Fridays & Saturdays: Not available

Jennifer Eh

Liturgy Team and Riverlink Leader, EM Committee

Jennifer is a happy wife and mother of a cheeky one year old. Originally from Singapore, Jennifer has served in the EM for the past 13 years. She leads the Liturgy Team and is also an active member of the Riverlink Family Fellowship. Jennifer also helps guide the EM as a member of its committee.

Susie Hong

"Young Professionals" Co-Leader, EM Committee

Susie Hong is a healthcare professional, one of the co-leaders of the EM “Young Professionals” small group, and a member of the EM Committee.

Young Professionals is a diverse group of friendly people of varying professional backgrounds and English levels. But we are share a common interest in having fun together, learning more about God’s word, and helping our relationship with God to grow. Our cell group studies the Bible passage regarding life, career, family, and relationship. If you are interested in meeting friends, studying the Bible, practicing your English, or all of the above, please check out Young Professionals on Friday nights at 7:30pm at room 702 at SLPC.

Beth Hu

EM Kids Club Lead Teacher

Beth is an elementary teacher and a mother of two active girls whose passion is to train up children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6) – to walk in the ways of Jesus. She has served in the EM for the past 14 years. Beth serves in EM Kids Club with seven other teachers and is in charge of organizing the curriculum, teachers’ schedule, and roster. Kids in the early years are welcome to join the little kids group and the older kids in the big kids group. They meet every Sunday morning except winter and summer breaks. Aside from Kids Club, she also leads the Praise Team and is part of the EM Committee.

Yu-Ling Tsao

"SCC" Care Cell Co-Leader

Yu-Ling was baptized in SLPC in 2011, and has been a blessed Christian since then. She currently works as a PR director in a brand consultancy company, loves nature, her cat and cooking.

Yu-Ling is co-leader of the SCC care cell.

Mandy Chang

Welcome Team Leader

Mandy Chang, Welcome Team LeaderMandy is a project manager who leads our EM Welcome team. Every Sunday Mandy and her team greet worshippers with a smile, provide help when needed, and are the first point of contact for anyone needing help. If you need help signing up for events, a pen to write or Bible to read in the service, picking up your newcomer gift pack, or just have questions about EM, you can approach Mandy and her team at the Welcome Table. She also runs EM Hospitality, preparing tea, coffee, and snacks for fellowship time after the service each week.

Anne Yang

Welcome Team Member

Anne serves in our EM Welcome Team. Anne and the team greet worshippers with a smile, provide help when needed, and are one of the points of contact for anyone needing help. If you would like help signing up for events, need a pen or Bible during service, are picking up your newcomer gift pack, or just have questions about life in the EM, you can approach Anne at the Welcome Table when she is on duty.

Violet Hsu


Violet loves being close friends with God, praying for others, and serving people. She always finds it fun to work together with God to serve others. Violet cares for our EM chapel, preparing the chapel for service each Sunday.

Cecilia Chen

EM English Studio, Welcome Team

Cecilia has served in the EM in various roles for 13 years. As a committed English teacher, she has served in short-term missions to Myanmar where she has taught English to children in need. She currently leads and teaches in the EM English Studio, and is part of our Welcome Team.

Kenneth Hu

A/V Team Leader

Kenneth is the leader of EM’s Audio / Video Team.