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Micah 1–3. Hoping for change

by slpcenglish

18–24 December 2016. Micah 1–3 (click to read). In the book of Micah we see many of the same themes that were raised last week by Amos, especially the concern about economic oppression and corruption, and the abuse of the poor and weak. Really, this is a constant theme all through the Bible and in […]

Leviticus 9–10. Love – it’s that simple!

by slpcenglish

6–12 March 2016. Leviticus 9–10 (click to read). Back when we were children in Australia, we used to watch American TV shows and would see how some actors would have these really complicated handshakes. They would meet each other and do some special moves with their hands – and as kids we used to think […]