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Leviticus 3. Thank God!

by slpcenglish

17–23 February 2019. Leviticus 3. Thank God! (click to read). Many cultures and religions around the world have had the idea that their gods needed to be fed. Food is important to us, and we like to feed the ones we love. It’s not surprising then that people also wanted to feed the gods they […]

Deuteronomy 5–6. The Greatest Commandment

by slpcenglish

29 April – 5 May 2018. Deuteronomy 5–6 (click to read). Which is the most important law in the Bible? If we had to answer that question, I think many people would choose one of the so-called Ten Commandments. Most people know those commandments very well, and we even find them written out twice in […]

Leviticus 27. How much is a life worth?

by slpcenglish

20–26 March 2016. Leviticus 27 (click to read). We have all gone through bad times in our lives. In ancient Israel, when people were in trouble they often made a vow to God, a promise to give some great offering if God would only hear their prayer and save them. Sometimes vows were also made during […]

Leviticus 17–18. Relationships of love and respect

by slpcenglish

13–19 March 2016. Leviticus 17–18 (click to read). In Leviticus 18 we find a lot of Jewish laws about sexual relationships. For us today, we know that positive sexual relationships are those that focus on loving and respecting each other, relationships where we care for each other’s physical as well as emotional health. But that’s […]

Leviticus 9–10. Love – it’s that simple!

by slpcenglish

6–12 March 2016. Leviticus 9–10 (click to read). Back when we were children in Australia, we used to watch American TV shows and would see how some actors would have these really complicated handshakes. They would meet each other and do some special moves with their hands – and as kids we used to think […]

Genesis 27–28. A very broken family

by slpcenglish

17–23 January 2016. Genesis 27–28 (click to read). In chapter 27 we find a story full of heartbreaking drama. We often think of it as the story of “Jacob the Deceiver” cheating his brother Esau out of his blessing. But the main character here is actually Rebekah, the mother. It’s a story about her treachery, […]