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Ecclesiastes 10. Fragile wisdom versus angry foolishness

by slpcenglish

16–22 December 2018. Ecclesiastes 10 (click to read). The Bible talks a lot about the importance of wisdom. And many of us really do appreciate just how valuable wisdom is. Sometimes we even sit back confidently and think how wisdom has a great power to shape our world and our lives. But sadly, the situation […]

Ecclesiastes 3. Hold on. Hope is coming!

by slpcenglish

9–15 December 2018. Ecclesiastes 3 (click to read). Sometimes we find ourselves in a moment when everything is just perfect. Our plans have worked out, we have reached that goal we were after, we are together with the person we love, and our lives feel full of hope and peace. When that happens, we just […]

Psalm 87. Hope for the whole world

by slpcenglish

2–8 December 2018. Psalm 87 (click to read). Psalm 87 is one of the so-called “Songs of Zion”, hymns that praise Zion (another name for Jerusalem) for its role in God’s work of ruling and blessing the world. Jewish scholars tell us that Psalm 87 may have been sung by pilgrims on their yearly journey […]